Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Exciting First!

This is my first out-in-public finished tee shirt.

The SYOWfaY Button


This is the SYOWfaY button:

Joining the SYOWfaY Challenge!


Hello!  I am not a blogger.  I just want you to know that up front.  I've tried and I even built this blog once, a long time ago, but, well, we never bonded.

I'm resurrecting the old thing, though, just so I can join in on the 2015 challenge at Sew Your Own Wardrobe for a Year (which will almost certainly be referred to as SYOWfaY from now on).  That's one of the requirements: link to your blog.  Well, here it is: my sad little blog with nothing on it.

I'll try to post pictures of my sewing projects but only if I can figure out how . . . no promises there.  I do promise to try, though.

I'm a Catholic wife and mom.  We homeschool and I am a professional interpreter.  I started taking sewing lessons a few years ago and when I began, I thought it would be grand to be able to make all my clothes.  Almost immediately, though, that teacher moved and I've been looking for a good teacher since.  I finally found a wonderful lady and have been taking again since December.  I'm determined to conquer a simple knit t-shirt and straight skirt.  I still haven't mastered them but, as of this month, I finally made one I'd wear in public.  In fact I've worn it to Mass once and to work once and like it a lot.  I'd insert a pic here if I had one.  I'll try.

I would really like to master the tee and skirt combo b/c I can see so many possibilities.  Depending on the fabric (and accessories) I could have anything from a running skirt and tee to a really pretty church outfit.   Yeah, I run in skirts (and leggings, usually).

I think I will approach this challenge in stages.  For the first quarter, I'll focus on really mastering those two items: the tee and skirt.  I want to make several sets for running, several for dancing (my family goes east coast swing dancing on Saturdays), several for church/work, and several for casual wear.  I also want to WILL pull everything from my closet and take stock before returning.  That is my plan for this weekend.  I know I have several things that need a top to finish the outfit so I'll find a fabric to complete those.  I practically collect cute skirts so have quite a few that have never been worn b/c they have no matching top.  Ridiculous, I know!  So, I will complete those sets.

I'll decide next quarter's goal closer to next quarter.  My over arching goal, though, is not to buy any clothing except unmentionables.  Similarly, I'm not ready to tackle outerwear but I think I'm good on coats and jackets for now.

I'm so happy to join you ladies in the SYOWfaY 2015 challenge!